This diploma amends Decree-Law no. 8/2015, 14 January, which revoked the suspension of access to early retirement, establishing a transitional regime concerning the conditions for recognition of the right to early retirement, which was in force during 2015.

After this transitional regime, access to early retirement once again depended on the beneficiary having at least 55 years and, when reached this age, 30 or more years with registration of relevant remunerations for calculation of the pension.

With this amendment, until the regime of the age of early retirement is reviewed, the recognition of the right to an early retirement pension depends on the beneficiary having 60 or more years, and 40 or more years with registration of relevant remunerations for the calculation of the pension (regime in force in 2015).

Note, however, that this amendment safeguards the rights of those who have submitted their early retirement pension application until the date of its entry into force, on 9 March 2016, accessing early retirement in the conditions mentioned in the second paragraph above.

This diploma also introduced, as a differing condition of the pension, the need for an express statement of the will of the beneficiary to keep the decision to access to early retirement.