The Kentucky Court of Appeals recently affirmed a Jefferson Circuit Court grant of summary judgment to Forcht Bank which has been designated to be published. The Court of Appeals found in favor of Forcht Bank on a potpourri of claims made by the ex-spouse of a director of the bank, including a statutory claim for damages under KRS 382.365 and the tort of outrage. McBrayer attorney Benjamin Riddle successfully negotiated the various intricacies of the case, resulting in a positive outcome for Forcht Bank at both the trial and appellate level. The opinion of the Court of Appeals is not only an excellent outcome for Forcht Bank, but an interesting look at the law regarding novation of notes, the application of KRS 382.365 and the tort of outrage. Congratulations to Benjamin Riddle on this appellate success. The case is Nancy Brock Forcht v. Forcht Bank, No. 2013-CA-001433-MR, 2013-CA-001479-MR (Ky. Ct. App. June 23, 2017).