Kenya's Parliament approved the appointment of Mumo Matemu as leader of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (the EACC) on 9 May 2012. The Commission had been leaderless since September 2011 when it replaced the former Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, which had been disbanded, raising questions about Kenya's commitment to tackle corruption. However, despite the approval of Matemu's nomination by both Kenya's President, Mwai Kibaki, and Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, the Kenyan Courts have blocked the appointment in response to an application made a human rights group, the Trusted Society of Human Rights Alliance.

The Kenyan Courts agreed that Matemu should be prevented from taking office, or having his name gazetted as the director of the EACC, until the resolution of allegations of impropriety against him, which arose during his tenure at the Kenya Revenue Authority. The Courts will also look into the allegation that Matemu's appointment was unconstitutional, as concerns regarding his integrity raised during the appointment process were seemingly ignored.