As recently reported by our colleague, Karen Schanfield, in her article, Federal Agencies Focus on Non-Union Employers, most private sector employers are subject to the new National Labor Relations Act posting requirement.  This is effective November 14, 2011! 

As Karen reported, employers are required to post a notice – in a conspicuous place - advising employees of their rights under the NLRA; and provide information on how employees may contact the NLRB to file a complaint or seek additional information.

Karen reminded employers that ”conspicuous” may include displaying an exact copy of the notice or a link to the NLRB site with the heading “Employee Rights under the National Labor Relations Act” on its intranet or internet, if the employer uses that medium to relay information on policies.

Finally, Karen warned that “failure to post the notice is an unfair labor practice and will be considered evidence of anti-union motivation where an employer is alleged to have interfered, restrained, coerced, or discriminated against employees to encourage or discourage union activity.”  So – make sure you are in compliance and download your poster today by clicking this link!

I just spoke with Karen and she noted that the poster is not yet available in languages other than English.  However, if at least 20% of a workforce are not proficient in English and 20 % speak another language, the employer must also post in that language.  These questions and more are answered on the NLRB’s “frequently asked questions” page.

Don’t delay.  This impacts all employers subject to the NLRA, not just union employers!