Wyoming Legislature's Joint Judiciary Committee is currently working on two draft bills pertaining to CCS.

One establishes the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission as the authority to regulate the injection and storage of CO2. It states in 30-9-102, section a that "The primary purpose of this article is to ensure the safe and effective sequestration of carbon dioxide in geologic sequestration facilities…The commission has jurisdiction and authority over all persons and property necessary to effectuate the purposes of this article." The draft also states that all CO2 which has been reduced to possession is the property of the injector, absent a final will of abandonment the CO2 will never be the property of the surface or mineral owner.

The second draft bill ties the ownership of underground voids, where CO2 could be stored, with the surface estate. This draft bill proposes that the ownership of all voids in the strata below the surface is declared to be vested in the several owners of the surface above the strata. It also contains an amendment to the property disclosure provision enacted last session. The amendment basically suggests that the surface owner owns the void space below the surface.

The goal is to have these bills enacted July 1st, 2008.