Question: Is there any limit to how much alcohol I can buy?

Answer: It is important to understand under Dubai alcohol Law of 1972 the purchase of alcohol is restricted to those who have an alcohol license. The license is also required to consume alcohol in UAE. Although alcohol can be purchased in certain licensed hotels and bars, if found guilty of intoxication by alcohol, you will be required to show your alcohol license. These licenses, under the afore-mentioned law are only issued to non-Muslims. Without an alcohol license, you cannot purchase or consume alcohol in UAE. There is no particular limit set by law that restricts the quantity of alcohol you can buy, provided you have a license to purchase it.

Question: What are my rights as consumer if I buy anything online and don't find it matching my expectations?

Answer: All UAE retailers, suppliers or traders including those selling online are subject to the consumer protection laws. If goods were purchased from UAE store, refunds are available in two events: a) discovery of a faulty product; b) supplied product was of different description. Also the refund shall be during the proper time as per the law.

Question: Are we being asked too many questions while remitting money to our home country?

Answer: All remittances sent from any bank or agent in the UAE are regulated by the UAE Central Bank and any information asked of the sender is in line with those regulations. The information collected is vital to the Central Bank to keep a record of all transactions and to adhere to the money laundering regulations of the UAE. You are therefore requested to provide accurate information at the time of sending or receiving funds to and from the UAE to avoid any complications.