Four years after the building was stormed by protestors, the foreign secretary Philip Hammond has reopened the British embassy in Tehran, Iran.

Mr Hammond is only one of two British foreign secretaries to have now visited Iran since Iran’s 1979 revolution. In a parallel move, the Iranian embassy in London was also re-opened on 23 August. Medhi Danesh-Yazdi, one of Iran's deputy foreign ministers led the ceremony in London attended by foreign office official, Deborah Bronnert, Jack Straw and Lord Lamont. These reopenings mark the latest stage in the improved relationships between the two countries following the comprehensive nuclear deal reached between the P5+1 and Iran in July.

Reflecting this sentiment, Mr Hammond, speaking at the ceremony in Tehran, said "we will not always agree but as confidence and trust grows, there should be no limit to what over time we can achieve together and no limit to our ability to discuss the challenges we mutually face."