During a period of 10 years, 10% of an arbitrator's referrals came from various lawyers from the same law firm. As a result of this, an arbitration award made by the arbitrator was challenged on the grounds of a lack of independence and impartiality of the arbitrator. In December 2008 the Svea Court of Appeal concluded that where an arbitrator is regularly appointed on matters from the same law firm, there is the possibility that this may compromise the arbitrator's independence. However, in making this judgment, the court stated that other factors must also be taken in to consideration – for example, whether the arbitrator is economically dependent on referrals from the firm in question; whether the number of referrals from the firm in question is disproportionate to the number received from other law firms; and whether these referrals come from a limited number of lawyers within the firm. Having considered these factors in the particular case, the Court of Appeal dismissed the challenge.