The Nebraska Service Center (NSC) of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has revised its procedures for rescheduling biometrics appointments for reentry permit applications. The NSC is denying reentry permit applications where applicants do not have their biometrics captured within 120 days of filing. Applicants for reentry permits must appear at an Application Support Center (ASC) to have their biometrics captured. Typically, the appointment is scheduled within 30 days of filing and the NSC attempts to set an appointment date prior to the applicant's planned departure. Applicants may request rescheduling, but the ASCs cannot reschedule appointments for a date more than 30 days later. Applicants who travel internationally without appearing for their appointment or timely filing a request to reschedule will likely face a denial; furthermore, applicants who make repeated rescheduling requests but do not complete the biometrics within 120 days will also likely face a denial. These new procedures have been in place since approximately February 2009. The procedure for requesting expedited scheduling of biometrics appointments remains the same.