The Regional Court of Munich I has cancelled a preliminary injunction against the European basketball association FIBA Europe. A group of basketball clubs (amongst others Fenerbahce Spor, Maccabi Tel Aviv and Real Madrid), national leagues (Adriatic league and Spanish league) and one organizer of European basketball club competitions (Euroleague Properties) has achieved such a preliminary injunction against FIBA Europe and the world basketball association FIBA on 02 June 2016. Thereby the applicants tried to achieve a public advantage in a conflict on the future of European basketball club competitions which has been ongoing for months. In this context, Euroleague Properties focused on its strategy to bind the biggest and best-known clubs long term to its competitions.

FIBA Europe had not been heard prior to the issuance and therefore filed an objection against the injunction. On the basis of the oral hearing of 21 June 2016 the Regional Court of Munich cancelled the injunction on 23 June 2016.