USTR Special 301 Reports places India in a priority watch list. The United States Trade Representative Report 301 published in April this year reflects the assessment of the IPR Landscape of each of the countries reviewed by the Offices of the Representatives on the basis of written submissions and oral proceedings before the USTR. The worst offending countries are put on a Priority Foreign Country List and such countries also suffer unilateral trade sanctions. The 2014 report reviewed 82 trading partners which resulted in 10 countries including China, India and Russia being placed in the Priority Watch List and 27 countries being in the General Watch List. Interestingly, Italy and Philippines were removed from this year’s watch list. The Office of the Representative also announced that for India they will be conducting an Out of Cycle Review later this year after the new government comes in place to assess the position of the Indian Government on IPR issue. One can only wait and watch.