Details from Each Chamber


The House entered the final week of the legislative session with a number of things left on the Calendar. Wednesday, after confirming a Statewide Appointment to the TEC Board, the House concurred on the conference report for S. 459, a statewide texting while driving ban. The majority of the morning was spent on the budget. Chairman White explained several amendments to Senate amendments that reduced several items and FTE's in various state agencies, added funds to the State employee pay plan to bring them to 2%, and transferred $2.5 million to the Technical Colleges' Critical Needs Workforce Development Initiative.

After lengthy debate, the House failed to adopt 4 additional amendments offered on Certificate of Need. The House also honored several retiring members.

On Thursday, the House worked through the morning and afternoon, concurring in Senate amendments and adopting conference reports. Among those adopted was H. 3945, the Ethics Reform Bill. This would require public officials and candidates to disclose their sources of private income, ban political action committees tied to lawmakers, and narrow the amount of time before an election that campaign contributions can go unreported.

The House adjourned Sine Die at 5:00 PM and will return at noon on June 17th to consider vetoes, conference reports, appropriations bills, appointments, local legislation and free conference reports, per the Sine Die resolution.

The following bills of interest passed the House this week:

  • H. 3361 Domestic Abuse/Pets
  • S. 535 Clemson Enterprise Act
  • S. 459 Texting (conference report adopted)
  • S. 809 Capital Projects Sales Tax Referendum
  • S. 897 Solicitors Office Retirees/State Health Plan
  • S. 3945 Ethics Reform (adopted conference report)
  • H. 3102 Jaidon's Law
  • H. 3124 DSS Oversight Investigation
  • H. 4560 Expungement of Criminal Records
  • S. 516 Read to Succeed Act  


The Senate worked through the final week of the legislative Calendar, moving bills over to the House and referring a number of bills to conference committees.

Wednesday, the Senate concurred with House amendments to H.4701, the General Appropriations Bill, and H.4702, the Capital Reserve Fund. The bills were enrolled from ratification. Senator Courson announced his resignation as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. He asked that Lt. Governor McConnell remain in office until the legislature adjourned. Numerous statewide appointments were confirmed following executive session.

On Thursday, the Senate spent a large chunk of their day discussing the conference report on H.3945, Ethics Reform, with Sen. Bright holding the floor. Sen. Hayes asked to carry over the bill with the understanding that a vote can be taken when the Senate reconvenes on June 17th. By the end of the afternoon, numerous bills were referred to conference committees. Any bills that were not referred to a conference committee or included in the Sine Die resolution were not adopted and expired in their pending positions. If you would like a complete list of the conference committees, please let us know.

The Senate adjourned at 5:00 pursuant to the Sine Die resolution and will reconvene at noon on June 17th. At that time, the General Assembly will consider conference reports, vetoes, appropriations bills, local legislation, and anything related to Sine Die.

The following bills of interest passed the Senate this week:

  • H. 4701 General Appropriations Bill (concurred with House amendments)
  • H. 4702 Capital Reserve Fund (concurred with House amendments)
  • S. 459 Ban on Texting (conference report adopted)
  • S. 516 Read to Succeed (concurred with House amendments)
  • H. 3644 Clean energy industry market development
  • H. 4061 Comprehensive Health Education Act
  • H. 3459 SC Board of Accountancy
  • S. 985 Fairness in Lodging