Presidency of Defense Industries introduced its data labelling platform called DATA HIVE recently. With the platform, it is aimed to obtain the labelled data required in artificial intelligence projects, especially in the defense industry, as a crowd-sourced, collecting labelled data sets in a single source, preventing the formation of data centers on their own, and increasing time and workforce efficiency.

Raw image or text data alone does not make sense in artificial intelligence projects. For such data to create value, they should be labelled so that they can be used by artificial intelligence algorithms. Increasing the amount and accuracy of the labelled data directly affects the success of the developed artificial intelligence project.

In the Data Labelling Platform, individuals will be involved in the artificial intelligence activities of the Presidency by labelling data. Every individual is required to apply for a candidate labeller by filling out the pre-application form at After the evaluation process, people who have successfully passed the training and tests to be taken on the platform will be approved and labelled within the Data Hive.