Thanks to prolonged foreign investment in their country Uruguayans are now capable of developing various projects in Paraguay; the most popular are livestock and real estate development.

Paraguay seduces argentines, brazilians ... and lately, uruguayans?

Where is the secret? There is no secret, it is simply something that is obvious: the low incidence of land prices and construction costs.

Uruguay has 10 years of sustained growth with investments of all kinds, from all the corners of the world; however, this growth was accompanied by another growth: the price of the property.

Because of this growth and since Paraguay was impressive in recent years, with many benefits, lower tax impact, increased consumption and an age range below 30 years which is more than 70% of the population of country, several uruguayan companies decided to bet on Paraguay.

Currently it is estimated that between 1.8 and 2 million Paraguayan hectares are owned by uruguayan companies and entrepreneurs.

And, what are the uruguayan investments in Paraguay? Many uruguayan investors are already working in the area of livestock, but others prefer the housing segment, due to the strong demand in Paraguay.

To uruguayan, Paraguayan real state investment is still gestational and they estimate that in the coming years we are going to see more from Uruguay in Paraguay.