On December 16, President Obama signed the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act, S. 612 (WIIN). WIIN authorizes funds for Flint, Michigan, various western water projects and some drought relief for California. The bill is co-authored by Senator Feinstein, who worked on the legislation for three years. The WIIN California provisions include mandates for application of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in a manner that promotes sound and best-available science and requires more open, transparent and justification-based decision-making by the fishery agencies. It also promotes increased fishery monitoring in an effort to gain better understanding of the fishery populations and conditions under which their populations may be improved. Part of WIIN's goal is to improve water supplies for human uses in California during wet hydrologic conditions while maintaining fishery protection consistent with the ESA. WIIN also authorizes funds for water storage, recycling and reuse, and desalination. Companion bills in the House had similar concepts, including a bill sponsored by Rep. Huffman (D-Marin) that promoted improved water infrastructure and another by Rep. Valadeo (R-Hanford) that promoted the fishery management improvements.