Law No. 12,832 was published on 06.21.2013, and it basically modified provisions on the participation of employees in the company’s profit.

This new rule forbids the payment of any anticipation or payment of amounts concerning profit sharing more than twice during the same calendar year, and in periods shorter than one quarter. Therefore, one cannot state anymore that profit-sharing payments can be performed in periods shorter than one quarter, or twice during the same calendar year, as provided by Law before the enactment of Law No. 12,832/13.

Besides that, as of 2014, the percentages of the progressive rates indicated in the chart below shall be adjusted to comprise the same rates recently provided for the Progressive Chart of income tax imposed on individuals’ earnings.

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This Law has been in force since it was published and it produces effects as of January 1st, 2013.

(Law No. 12.832, 06.20.2013, Official Gazette 06.21.2013. Available at: Accessed on: June, 2013).