The U.S. Department of State (DOS) recently reminded the public that the fiscal year 2012 Diversity Visa Lottery Registration Period ends at Noon EST on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Additional detailed information about the fiscal year 2012 Visa Lottery is contained in an Immigration Alert on our firm's website at:

Unlike previous years, the DOS limited the registration period to 30 days. Previously, the DOS allowed a registration period of 60 days. After the registration period ends, foreign nationals will not be able to apply for the visa lottery until the fiscal year 2013 lottery opens in late 2011. In the past, the DOS has encountered a capacity problem when more applicants were attempting to apply for the visa lottery than the DOS servers could accommodate. Therefore, we strongly recommend eligible foreign nationals immediately apply for the visa lottery and not wait until immediately before the end of the registration period because the DOS servers may again not be able to accommodate all of the interested applicants.

Additional information about the results of the fiscal year 2012 visa lottery will be contained in our firm's future Immigration Updates when it becomes available in Spring 2011.