A new economic model: "Eight benchmarks for Britain" was published by the Conservative Party on 2 February. Ahead of the launch of the Conservative’s Energy Green Paper, it outlined plans to reduce greenhouse gases and increase the UK’s share of global markets for green technology through:

  • creating a green investment bank to draw together government incentives and private sector capital to finance new technology;
  • safeguarding of Britain’s energy by ensuring a diverse range of generating capacity exists to avoid volatile fossil fuel prices;
  • implementing smart grid and smart meter technology to increase renewables generation;
  • expanding offshore wind and marine power, including the provision of government backing for large-scale marine parks;
  • increasing funding for carbon capture and storage demonstration projects;
  • speeding-up the planning process to increase the deployment of economically viable nuclear;
  • putting in place household entitlements of up to £6,500 for energy efficiency investments; and
  • rewriting the Climate Change Levy to establish closer links to carbon emissions.