On 1 December 2009, the Department of Health wrote to the chief executive of every PCT in response to recommendation 34 of the Laming report (The Protection of Children in England; a Progress Report (Lord Laming, March 2009)). These letters were to provide clarity on the specific actions PCTs should take with regard to their primary medical services, to outline the actions that GPs themselves should be taking and the steps that PCTs should take to support GPs.

Recommendation 34 contains specific actions to ensure all GP providers comply with child protection legislation and to ensure that all GPs have the necessary skills and training to carry out their duties.

As part of this duty PCTs may wish to consider ways in which they can support GP practices for example with access to or protected time for training in child protection. It may also be appropriate for PCTs to consider the way in which feedback from GP appraisals regarding safeguarding is collated and how it can be used to inform the development of safeguarding locally.

PCTs also have a role to play in assisting to improve the sharing of information between social services and GPs on child protection matters.