As Japanese automakers recover from damage sustained in the Tsunami, both Japanese and U.S. automotive industry economists and experts are rethinking the global supply system for the automotive industry.  In light of these recent trends, the Japan Desk of Frost Brown Todd LLC is hosting a bilingual (English and Japanese) seminar, in conjunction with the neighboring Japan America Societies, entitled “Supply Chain Management in the Global Automotive Market,” on November 17, 2011.  Auto sector and service industry experts will discuss how the U.S. and Japanese companies are progressing in the aftermath of the Tsunami, seeking solutions to the global automotive supply chain system.

Although a recent Japanese survey reveals that the majority of the disaster-affected production bases in the automotive industry have been completely restored, the impact on the global supply chains caused by the Tsunami with respect to the supply of raw materials, intermediate materials, and the final products has been so severe that the overall production rate of final products has been reduced down to 50% to 80%.  The normal production scale among the Japanese auto sectors is expected to occur towards the final quarter of 2011.