ScaleHealth is an international healthcare innovation ecosystem. Originally based out of Los Angeles, California. ScaleHealth is a one-stop-shop for startup founders navigating the healthcare vertical. They help startups by connecting founders with the right stakeholders in the healthcare space at the right time. ScaleHealth was brought to Belgium by Lucien De Busscher (EY) and Prof. Pascal Verdonck (Ugent - MedTech Flanders).

ScaleHealth Belgium is a marketplace for all stakeholders to come together, including startups, academic institutions, investors, subject matter experts, and other members of the Belgian healthcare innovation ecosystem. Rather than compete, ScaleHealth Belgium aims to collaborate with multiple existing initiatives such as MedTech Flanders, Flanders.Healthtech, MedTeG, BHIC, imec and VIB. ScaleHealth Belgium aims to defragment the complicated landscape and together become a one-stop-shop for scaling related questions in the life sciences innovation space in Belgium and Europe.

ScaleHealth Belgium will allow Europe’s medical technology ecosystem to tap into ScaleHealth’s US community of 300+ member companies and 300+ investors, partners, and strategic relationships. Additionally, it will allow the community to access the vast number of payors, providers and other stakeholders within Belgium’s life sciences sector.

Housed at Orsi Academy, ScaleHealth Belgium is poised to expand rapidly and bring Belgium’s innovation to the world and the world’s innovation to Belgium. This is where a gateway to the United States of America, Asia and other European regions will form.

A solid strategic foundation is essential for Scale-ups to support its growth and innovation

Caroline Pallard, NLO – European Patent and Trademark Attorneys -

Well seasoned professionals in the Belgian Life Sciences scene are the Advisory Board members: Laurens Bouckaert (BxL BioComm US), Lucien De Busscher (EY), Delphine Hajaji (UCB Ventures), Peter Hinssen (nexxworks), Caroline Pallard (NLO - European Patent and Trademark Attorneys), Karin Scheerlinck (Surgi-Tec), Claire Tillekaerts (Flanders Investment & Trade - FIT), Bart van Hooland (Thia Ventures), Dr Geert Vandenbroucke (Orsi Academy), Prof. Pascal Verdonck (UGent - MedTech Flanders), Peter Verhaeghe (VVGB Law) and Hilde Windels (Antelope Dx).

Members will be able to join the community for free. They will get access to a curated and collaborative ecosystem to learn, partner, and scale. Every quarter ScaleHealth Belgium will identify the most promising startups. Selected Advisory Board members will provide them with tailor made guidance. ScaleHealth is not yet another incubator or ecosystem. It is a unique and pragmatic boutique scaling support community.

Over ScaleHealth Belgium

ScaleHealth Belgium is a health innovation ecosystem and marketplace, supporting young life sciences companies to develop their products and services, and supporting their Go-To-Market, scaling and internationalisation. ScaleHealth Belgium is not just another ecosystem as the approach is highly focused on the specific scaling needs of the companies in the portfolio.