After publicly announcing almost a year ago that it would start posting Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSAL) online, the notices appeared on the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’s (OFCCP) website earlier this week—and then disappeared! The CSAL postings were organized by OFCCP regions and contained information on company names, addresses, cities, states, and zip codes and appeared to be from the March 2013 scheduling cycle.

We understand that this was little more than a technological blunder and does not signal a departure from OFCCP’s practice of mailing CSALs directly to establishments. We understand that OFCCP plans to continue mailing CSALs. Over the past year, several of our clients received CSALs at their corporate headquarters instead of individual establishments that were selected for review.

OFCCP first announced its intention to post the CSALs on its website last summer at the National Industry Liaison Group’s national conference in Hawaii. In November of 2012, during the American Bar Association’s Section of Labor and Employment Law’s Annual CLE Conference, M. Patricia Smith, Solicitor of Labor, confirmed that OFCCP intended to post CSALs on its website.