A party that fails to appear at an arbitration hearing will be foreclosed from challenging in a motion to vacate the award all procedural issues concerning the arbitration. Langlais v. Pennmont Benefit Services, Inc.,No. 12-3234 (3d Cir. June 7, 2013). The court explained that if a party has agreed to arbitrate and has qualms only with procedural issues concerning the arbitration, the party must fully present those issues to the arbitrator rather than save them for presentation to the district court. In this case, the party raised an issue to an arbitrator by sending a preliminary email, but then filed suit in federal court before a decision was rendered, without attending the arbitration hearing. The court found that this was insufficient to preserve the party’s objections. According to the court, merely raising arguments through e-mails without attending the hearing is insufficient when the parties have agreed to allow an arbitrator rather than a court to decide the merits of a dispute.