The Natural Health Products Bill has been referred to the Health Select Committee following its first reading on 15 September 2011. If enacted, the Bill would establish a new risk-based regulatory system for natural health products. The Bill is based on three key principles: natural health products must be fit for human consumption or use; the regulation of natural health products must be proportionate to the risks associated with their use; and natural health products must be accompanied by accurate information that tells consumers the risks and benefits of the product. Among other things, the Bill provides for the establishment of a natural health products regulator within the Ministry of Health; recognition of assessments by approved regulators of ingredients, claims and evidence of health benefits, and manufacturing standards; a list of prohibited ingredients; and regulation-making powers to set labelling requirements, manufacturing standards, and standards of evidence required to claim health benefits. The Health Select Committee has not called for submissions, and is due to report by 20 October 2011. A copy of the Bill is available here.