On October 13, 2016, the PRC General Administration of Customs published No. 57 Announcement in 2016 (the Announcement on Issues concerning Access to the Unified Information System for Cross-border Ecommerce Import by Enterprises) (the “Announcement”).

According to the Announcement, Customs will freely provide the input function for the unified system for import. E-commerce enterprises or their agents may log into the Subsystem for Customs Clearance under the Unified Information System for Cross-border E-commerce Import to input, modify, and inquire, etc. Customs will further release the enterprise's access message standards for the unified system for import. Any enterprise shall bear legal liability for any electronic data it has declared or transmitted to Customs. Technologies on digital signature are temporarily applied only to the data filled in the inventory, the application form for revision or cancellation, the application form for sales return, and the warehouse-in record, and will be applied in a wider range subsequently.