On November 1, 2006, USCIS launched its new Web site, replacing the existing web portal without changing its Internet address: http://www.uscis.gov. According to the USCIS, the new site incorporates a new, more effective search function and an improved method to notify registered users of updates to its site. The USCIS also hopes that the new site has a modernized “look” and a simplified way to find information that is most often sought by persons visiting the site. Regular users of the site should note that many of the prior web pages, which users may have bookmarked before, have changed as a result of this redesign. In addition, the USCIS has been experiencing some problems with the content on the new site (for example, some links pointing to non-existing pages), so users should be aware that certain information may be temporarily inaccessible or may require additional searches before it can be located on the new site.