Tsar & Tsai, assisted its client, H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB, to successfully oppose to the registration of the trademark “Click here to view the image”(流行主義 H&G and design) by a local company for use on the goods “ties, scarves, socks, gloves for apparel” in Class 25 by citing H&M's trademark “Click here to view the image”, which had already been well-known in the clothing industry.  TIPO held that both parties’ trademarks contained the eye-catching and dominant elements “H&”, and that the original design manner and stylized font of H&M’s cited mark “Click here to view the image” were widely recognized by the relevant consumers through the long-term use thereof on “clothing” products and relevant services.  Since the font and design manner of the term “H&G” contained in the opposed trademark resembled those of the cited trademark, the relevant consumers were likely to be misled as to the source of goods provided under the opposed trademark.  As such, TIPO revoked the registration of the opposed trademark “Click here to view the image” in accordance with Article 30-I-(10) of Trademark Act.