After a late November Board Meeting, FSA has published new rules:  

  1. the Prudential Categories (Amendment) Instrument 2008: This takes effect partly on 6 December 2008 and partly on 6 December 2009. It amends SUP and the Glossary to clarify FSA’s policy on ensuring investment business firms are correctly categorised;
  2. the Prudential Requirements for Insurers (Amendment No 3) Instrument 2008: This takes effect on 31 December 2008 and amends GENPRU, INSPRU, IPRU(FSOC) and IPRU(INS) to improve how insurance prudential rules apply, particularly those on reporting;
  3. the COBS (Product Information for Variation of Personal Pension Schemes) Instrument 2008: This amends COBS from 6 January 2009 in respect of disclosure requirements relating to income withdrawals from pension schemes;
  4. the DEPP and EG (Amendment) Instrument 2008: This amends the Glossary and RCB as well as DEPP and EG from 11 December to make changes following from the DEPP and EG review (see below);
  5. the COLL (Suspension of Dealings) Instrument 2008: This amends COLL from 6 January 2009 to remove the limit of 28 days on CIS which have suspended unit dealings;
  6. the LR (Sponsors)(Amendment) Instrument 2008: This amends LR and the Glossary from 6 February 2009 to clarify and update requirements relating to sponsors;
  7. the DTR (Amendment) Instrument 2008: This amends DTR from 6 December. The new rules provide for a delay in disclosure that should improve the effectiveness of liquidity support and reduce the likelihood that disclosure will undermine confidence in the issuer; and
  8. the RCB (Amendment) Instrument 2008: This amends RCB from 6 December to make application and monitoring for regulated covered bonds holder more efficient.