In the last few days the Brazilian Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency - ANP published the list of the ten basins that are being studied for potential inclusion in the 13th Bidding Round.

The expectation is that the bidding round will raise R$2 billion to R$2.5 billion (approximately US$ 680 to 850 million) in signature bonuses. The Government is basing the minimum bid prices on a US$65 barrel. The bid is likely to occur in October and the concession agreements should be signed in December.

270-290 blocks are expected to be offered, none of them in the pre-salt, so the concession rather than production sharing regime will apply.

The Government is also said to be reviewing the local content rules, after many complaints from the oil industry. One of the possibilities is that local content will not have as much weight as it currently has in the bid offers or the Government will reduce the sanctions and fines it has applied to companies that do not comply with the rules.

Please see here for a map and full list of the sector areas.   The publication of the sectors being studied came shortly after ANP Resolution No. 18/2015 that changed the oil and gas E&P bidding procedure.

The ANP basically inverted some of the bidding steps, so that the bidders will present their guarantee and their offers before the qualification process. The qualification process is then restricted to the winning bidder(s).

This is already a known practice in Brazil and has been used in reverse auctions (Pregão) and public private partnerships, to make the bidding procedure more efficient. If the winning bidder does not qualify, the other bidders are invited to match the winning bid. If the winning bid is not matched, the bidder with the closest matching bid will go through to the qualification phase. This new procedure will be used for the upcoming 13thBidding Round.

Please see here for the Resolution in Portuguese.