Media, Sport and Entertainment Sector Co-chair Nick Fitzpatrick and associate Alasdair Muller speak to RFU Legal and Governance Director Angus Bujalski and RFU Legal Counsel Stuart Tennant about the upcoming World Cup and players' use of social media.

The podcast covers:

  • the impact of the RFU's role effectively switching from "regulator" to "regulated" for the course of the World Cup;
  • how carve-out rights can be used to give individual unions the ability to use their sponsors' logos during the World Cup (in particular around training events);
  • recent high-profile instances of disciplinary action against rugby players as a result of their posts on social media, including most notably Rugby Australia's decision to terminate their contract with Israel Folau; and
  • the collaborative approach that the RFU takes with clubs to educate players on the potential consequences of their use of social media posts, in order to both: (i) seek to prevent the game from being brought into disrepute; and (ii) to safeguard the game for the generation of rugby players.

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