HC Environmental Audit Committee: Treasury policy on meeting recycling targets further call for evidence: the Committee is calling for additional written evidence on HM Treasury’s contribution to meeting waste and recycling targets to help inform its inquiry into sustainability and HM Treasury. This follows on from its original call for evidence in December 2015. As one part of the inquiry, the Committee intends to examine the contribution of Treasury policy towards meeting national and local waste and recycling targets. (10 May 2016)

Environmental Services Association: Delivering sustainable growth – How the resource and waste management industry benefits people, the environment and the economy: this report sets out the industry’s achievements and ambitions of helping the UK move towards a circular economy, highlighting the social, environmental and economic benefits of the sector. It makes four recommendations to improve incentives along the supply chain, drive efficiency, lower costs - particularly to the local government sector - and deliver private investment, to ensure that recycling and landfill diversion rates do not go backwards:

  • Develop more resilient recovery markets for waste-derived products;
  • Introduce a new framework for producer responsibility which transfers resource ownership from local authorities to product supply chains;
  • Improve the efficiency of waste collection systems and infrastructure; and
  • Drive waste crime out of the sector.

(10 May 2016)