The deficit and debt debate is coming down to the wire, with negotiations collapsing over the weekend. As has been the case for the past month and a half, this issue continues to dominate both houses of Congress.

There is however, some room for energy and environment debate as the House is expected to begin floor debate on FY2012 Interior-EPA spending bill early this week and a bill calling for an expedited process for approving the Keystone pipeline. The Interior/EPA Appropriations bill, heavy with policy riders, will be debated under an open rule as Republicans try to add more riders and Democrats try to remove as much of the contentious language as possible (though that will be a difficult task). The House leadership will also hold floor debates on bills related to the debt ceiling, one with a balanced budget constitutional amendment.

The Senate will work on debt/deficit legislation as it emerges, though the situation is evolving on an almost hourly basis. Later in the week the Environment and Public Works Committee will mark up a bill on the effects of the Gulf oil spill.