Amongst the millions of users of social media platforms, sadly there are sure to be a number of unpleasant individuals. Contrary to popular belief, social media spaces should not provide a platform to spew cruel and hateful insults at people or companies. "Trolling" refers to behaviour where internet users specifically try to provoke an emotional response. Often this will be in situations where there are online discussions or debates and "trolls" make inflammatory comments to disrupt the discussion. "Trolls" are rather more dangerous in instances of cyber bullying individuals that they know personally. In South Africa there are laws to protect people against cyber bullies such as the Protection from Harassment Act, 2013. If someone is sending "unnecessary" and frequent cruel, offensive or threatening messages to an individual they may be guilty of direct harassment, a form of cyber bullying. Another form of this is indirect harassment which may include rumour mongering on social media platforms or forums. In either instance, if the victim has a clear idea of the identity of the "troll" he or she will be able to approach the Magistrates Court to request a protection order. Even if the abuse is anonymous, a victim may approach the Magistrates Court with the IP address of the perpetrator and the court may order that the service provider reveal the name of the person. It may be best to try to ignore or block the "troll"; however, if it becomes completely intolerable and invasive there are legal remedies to assist you.