The National Advertising Review Board (NASB), an appellate unit of the advertising industry’s self-regulatory system, has determined that Healthy Directions, LLC lacked sufficient competent and reliable scientific evidence to support advertising claims that its glucosamine-based dietary supplement product could reduce joint pain “in as little as seven days.” According to NASB, “the vast body of studies on glucosamine demonstrates its effectiveness in improving joint health after approximately six weeks.” The company’s reliance on one 1980 study on hospitalized patients was “not sufficient to substantiate glucosamine’s effectiveness at seven days.”

In addition to recommending that the company no longer make such efficacy claims, NASB also recommended that the advertiser discontinue (i) “the claim that Joint Advantage Gold is ‘formulated to work throughout your entire body, in EVERY joint from your neck and shoulders to your toes’”; (ii) “its claim that wild rosella and aniseed myrtle are herbs traditionally used in Australia to reduce inflammation or joint pain’; and (iii) “consumer testimonials” asserting that the product is effective “in eliminating joint pain,” “in eliminating or reducing pain during strenuous exercise,” “after 4 days use,” and “for a particular age group.”

The company has apparently agreed to modify future advertising to conform to the NASB recommendations. See ASRC Press Release, May 13, 2013.