Bryan Harvey, a former carpenter with mesothelioma settled his claim against his former employers after contracting mesothelioma.

Mr Harvey was in his late 50s when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a fatal cancer of the lining of the lungs caused by exposure to asbestos.

Before the diagnosis Mr Harvey was healthy and fit, and intended to continue working into his 70s. 

Mr Harvey was exposed to asbestos whilst working as a carpenter in Kent from the mid to late 70s. 

Even though extensive information about the dangers of asbestos was available at the time, he was frequently required to cut up asbestos sheets which caused him to be exposed to clouds of asbestos dust. 

Mr Harvey was not given any suitable protection against asbestos exposure. Towards the end of his employment, a non-asbestos alternative was available but his employers never used this.

The business for which Mr Harvey worked was no longer trading by the time he was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Mr Harvey was represented by mesothelioma lawyer Vijay Ganapathy who, carried out investigations at HM Revenue and Customs, where he discovered that the business was a partnership rather than a limited company.

In order to start Court proceedings, it was necessary to track down the individual partners who employed Mr Harvey in the 70s.  Despite the challenges associated with this, Vijay was able to locate them and identify the company that provided insurance at the relevant time.

Mr Harvey’s claim was settled for more than £250,000.

Mesothelioma lawyer Vijay Ganapathy said:

“As with many of the mesothelioma claims we handle it can be necessary to carry out extensive research to determine against whom the claim should be advanced.

“I am therefore pleased we were able to overcome these hurdles in Bryan’s case which meant that he and his family were provided with some measure of financial security.”