The mediator appointed by both of you is independent and will support you in working out what is important for your family and arrangements for your children.

Irrespective of whether you are a parent, mediation can also assist where money is involved, helping to identify where you might live and options available to you both for your future financial arrangements. It can also assist grandparents seeing their grandchildren.

If proposals can be agreed the mediator will prepare a summary and at this point your solicitor will give their advice on the outcome and generate the legal paperwork. This can then be sent to the court to achieve a binding outcome.

Mediation puts you in charge of how you and your partner want to separate and how your and your family’s future will look.

Statistics produced by the Ministry of Justice for the quarter to June this year records Private Law matters – children arrangement applications are now taking up to seven months to be concluded. Mediation can avoid this delay and the stress and impact of court proceedings,