This summer, the Ministry of Justice put forward a draft Apartment Ownership and Apartment Association Act for public opinion and proposals. The aim of the amended Act is to clarify procedures for administration of apartment ownership and to make the activities of apartment associations increasingly transparent. Upon entry into force the draft Act will replace and merge with the Apartment Ownership Act and Apartment Association Act currently in force. The Act will regulate all aspects related to apartment ownership and bring about fundamental changes to administration and management of apartment buildings. 

First and foremost, merger of the two Acts aims to bring clarity to the current web of legal acts regulating these matters as well as to clarify and streamline issues concerning apartment ownership. As the draft Act is likely to be presented to the Parliament before the end of 2012, it is high time to submit opinions and proposals to the Ministry. In addition, the Ministry is currently preparing amendments to the Building Act and Planning Act. We will provide further information on these amendments in our next newsletter.