Deeside Metal Company Limited and Jeyes UK Ltd were prosecuted following an incident on 12 April 2005 when a Deeside employee, Mark Wright, sustained 90% burns and died when the aerosol canisters that he was crushing caught fire. Deeside had received the canisters from Jeyes, who had failed to properly label the canisters “extremely flammable” and to segregate them from less hazardous waste. A Deeside Manager, Mr Roberts, instructed Mr Wright to crush the canisters in a metal baler, when one of the canisters caught fire, engulfing him in flames. The investigation found that neither company had suitable risk assessments or properly trained or monitored employees in the disposal of canisters. Deeside pleaded guilty to charges under 2(1) and 3(1) of the HSWA 1974 and Regulation 3(1) of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and was fined £100k with costs of £10k. Jeyes pleaded guilty to a charge under section 3(1) of the HSWA 1974 and was fined £380k with £50k costs. The CPS also brought a separate prosecution under section 7(a) of the HSWA 1974 against Mr Roberts, who pleaded guilty and was fined £10k.