The 2016 edition of JCT contracts is scheduled for publication later this year, starting with the Minor Works contracts. Key changes include:

  • incorporating provisions (with updating) from the JCT Public Sector Supplement; and
  • provisions relating to CDM;
  • reflecting the Public Contracts Regulations 2015;
  • changes to reflect fair payment principles and to simplify and consolidate the payment provisions, including a new procedure for prompt assessment of loss and expense claims;
  • provisions for the grant of performance bonds and parent company guarantees;
  • including, as an alternative to warranties, provisions for the granting of third party rights by sub-contractors;
  • enabling alternative solutions to Option C existing structures cover issues; and
  • incorporating (where appropriate) the provisions of the JCT 2012 Named Specialist Update.

More details of the changes are promised nearer to publication dates.