On July 10, 2008, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) held its first meeting after months of inactivity. The FEC regained the ability to take formal action after the Senate confirmation and swearing in of five new commissioners. The FEC had been unable to take any official action since the beginning of 2008 because it only had two sitting members as a result of long-standing disagreements within the Senate and between the Senate and the White House over nominees. The Commission requires four votes to take any official action and is made up of three Republicans and three Democrats.

The new Republican commissioners are Caroline Hunter, Don McGahn, and Matt Petersen. Petersen is a former attorney with Wiley Rein LLP. The new Democratic commissioners are Cynthia Bauerly and Steven Walther. The Senate confirmed the five nominees on June 24, 2008. Democrat Ellen Weintraub will continue serving on the Commission. Republican David Mason was not reappointed.