On January 27th, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission released its report on the causes of the financial crisis. The report found widespread failures in financial regulation; breakdowns in corporate governance; excessive borrowing and risk-taking by households and financial firms; ill prepared policy makers; and systemic breaches in accountability and ethics. The report also includes two dissents, one which emphasizes the role played by the global credit bubble and the other which focuses on the push to increase home ownership. FCIC Report Webpage (with links to the full report, conclusions and dissents). The FCIC is also making available interview transcripts and the raw materials submitted to it. FCIC Document Archive. See also Bloomberg (discussing the panel's divisions and noting a Congressional inquiry into the panel's actions is planned); New York Times (summarizing findings); Reuters (summarizing previously undisclosed interview notes); Washington Post (summarizing dissents). On January 28th, the New York Times' Deal Book commented that the FCIC report, by spreading responsibility for the financial crisis so broadly, has minimized any chance that a criminal conviction could be obtained against a firm or executive. Reasonable Doubt.