The UKIPO will have some new and increased official fees for UK patent applications being introduced from next April. The basic details are as follows:

Application Fee

The Application fee is being increased to £60 if paid when the application is filed or £75 if the application fee is paid after filing (due date is within one year of filing date – same as search fee).

Excess Claims Fees

The search fee is being increased to £150 with an additional cost if the application has more than 25 claims. If, at the time of paying the search fee, the application contains more than 25 claims then a fee of £20 will be payable for each claim beyond the initial 25. There will be no opportunity for avoiding this cost if the application contains more than 25 claims at the time the search fee is paid and, unlike the EPO, the UKIPO will not simply only search the first 25 claims if the fee is not paid. Presumably, loss of the patent application will result if the fee is not paid. Therefore if you wish to reduce the number of claims, for example upon UK national phase entry from a PCT, amended claims will need to be filed at the time of entry.

Examination Fee

The examination fee is being increased to £100 with an additional £10 payable for each page of the patent specification in excess of an initial 35 pages. As with the search fee/excess claims fees it appears that this will be calculated at the time the examination fee is paid. It was mentioned that an additional fee (presumably £10 per page again) would be payable at grant if the number of pages of the specification is increased during prosecution.

Each of application, search and examination fees will be increased by £30 if the relevant form is filed by paper filing (as opposed to electronically filed).

Renewal Fees

Each renewal fee for year 12 onwards will be increased by £10.