We have received some information through the London P & I Clubs on intended amendments to the BC Code regarding DRI cargoes that should be of interest to those of you with bulk fleets without UK P & I Club cover.  

Essentially it seems that the IMO’s working group has agreed to re-categorise DRI so that there are now categories (A), (B) and (C). The first two are the old categories, namely (A) hot moulded briquettes; and (B) cold moulded briquettes, pellets and lumps. The new category (C) is for Fines arising from either of the former processes. DRI(C) should meet three conditions before it is shipped:  

  1. Moisture content < 0.3%
  2. Inert gas blanket to be maintained
  3. Aged for 30 days before shipment  

We are not yet sure when a New Edition of the BC Code is to be introduced or whether it will be for Flag States to promulgate an amendment in the meantime. However, as the BC Code is advisory in nature (at least for the present), then the fact that there appears to have been agreement on the need for such amendment should assist in dealing with issues where cargoes of Fines, or of high Fines content, are presented.