In general, corporations may not use corporate resources for partisan political purposes. However, Ohio law contains several notable, but narrow, exceptions.

Ohio Campaign Finance Resource Guide for Corporations and Political Action Committees Available. Bricker & Eckler has prepared a comprehensive guide for corporations and PACs detailing compliance with H.B. 1 and how to establish, administer and operate a corporate-sponsored PAC. The guide also discusses permissible political activity by corporations, LLCs and sole-proprietorships that wish to engage in both partisan and non-partisan activities. To request a free copy of the guide, e-mail Maria Armstrong at [email protected]  

Corporate Gifts To Ohio Political Parties - August 2006

Ohio law now allows a corporation or labor union to use its resources to assist a political party with certain non-partisan activities. Read about Levin Funds, Restricted Accounts and building funds. 

Permissible Use of Corporate Funds in Ohio For Electioneering Communications August 2006

Another new provision of Ohio law, and another vehicle for corporate involvement in the political arena, is found in the Ohio’s electioneering communications provisions.