Transparency International has published the findings of its Global Corruption Barometer 2013 survey, the world’s largest opinion survey on bribery and corruption. The survey results are based on interviews of 114,000 respondents in 107 countries regarding their direct experiences with bribery and their views on corruption.

In the UK, the results of the survey showed that one person in 20 claims to have bribed a public official in order to access public services in the past year. The survey also returned results showing a “worrying” increase in bribery and corruption in the UK, with two thirds of respondents stating that they thought levels of corruption had increased over the last two years.

Globally, the survey indicated that respondents felt that their national leaders’ efforts to stop corruption is currently worse than it was before the financial crisis. Back in 2008, 31% of respondents felt that their government’s efforts to fight corruption were effective, that figure falling to 22% in 2013. The survey concludes that there is still much to be done by national governments and international bodies to tackle bribery and corruption.