Outlook for This Week in the Nation's Capital

Shutdown Watch: 4 Days. The government will run out of money on Friday if it does not pass another short-term spending bill. Last week it looked like Congress was close to negotiating a short-term continuing resolution that would fund the government through February 16 and would include a bipartisan deal on DACA and a two-year budget deal on topline spending levels. But now there are rumors of Republicans considering only a clean continuing resolution in light of the DACA deal falling apart after the President’s comments. Multiple Senate Democrats have made it clear that they would not vote for a continuing resolution that did not include DACA making a government shutdown a possibility.

Immigration Talks Stall. President Trump’s comments related to immigration have halted some of the momentum of last week related to Senator Flake’s announcement that a bipartisan group of Senators reached a deal on DACA. In response to Trump’s comments, one of the key negotiators, Senator Durbin, announced he no longer thought a bipartisan agreement could be reached with the White House. With only a few days left to pass another continuing resolution, it seems highly unlikely that any immigration deal could be reached in time to attach it to the next government spending bill.

Infrastructure Roll-out Slipping? The Trump Administration is now considering releasing its principles for an infrastructure package after the State of the Union after previously stating they would be released early this month.

Nominations: The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday will review Alex Azar's nomination to be HHS secretary in an executive session.