The 2011 State Medical Facilities Plan (SMFP) was signed by Governor Perdue in late December 2010 and identifies a need for additional nursing facility beds in six North Carolina counties and additional need for adult care home (assisted living) beds in seven counties. The annual SMFP is developed by the Governor each year with the input and assistance of the North Carolina State Health Coordinating Council and identifies need for additional health services, facilities and equipment across the State. If the SMFP does not identify a need for a covered health service, facility or type of equipment, no CON can be issued by the State for it and it cannot be legally developed or operated.

The 2011 SMFP identifies additional need for nursing facility beds in the following counties and the dates by which applications for a CON must be filed with the Certificate of Need Section to be considered and potentially approved.

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The 2011 SMFP also shows need for additional adult care home beds in the following counties, with deadline for filing CON applications as follows.

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