Governor Signs Law Aimed at Combatting Maine’s Drug Epidemic

On Tuesday, a $3.7 million bill aimed at combatting Maine’s rising drug epidemic was passed by the Maine State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Paul LePage. The bill includes funding for 10 new DEA enforcement agents, as well as a $2.5 million budget for increased addiction treatment. The bill, which passed in the Senate 34-0 and in the House 143-0, was a bipartisan accomplishment shepherded by leadership from the Senate and the House. 

A Positive Outlook for Maine's Real Estate Market in 2016

On Thursday, real estate and development leaders addressed a crowd of over 800 from Maine’s real estate, construction, finance, architecture, legal, engineering, tourism, and economic development communities at the annual MEREDA Forecast Conference in Portland. Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner George Gervais spoke to the group, emphasizing Governor Paul LePage's motto that "Maine is Open for Business."  Commissioner Gervais also stressed the importance of participation in State Government by Maine business owners and developers to ensure their voices continue to be heard. Commissioner Gervais presented a positive forecast for the 2016 real estate and development industry in Maine, citing new developments and added jobs throughout the State of Maine.  

Maine Loggers Turn Out in Support of Bill to Exempt Sales Tax on Gas for Logging Trucks 

Senator Paul Davis of Sangerville recently presented a bill that would exempt the sales tax on petroleum products, including fuel and lubricants, in an effort to assist the logging, fishing and farming industries in Maine. The Maine Pulp and Paper Association and the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine spoke in favor of the bill, which they argue will help ease the fuel cost burden on Maine's logging and paper industry. The recent spotlight on the challenges and opportunities in Maine's pulp and paper industry underscores the importance of close cooperation between the legislature and the pulp and paper business to ensure the robust future of one of Maine's key economic drivers.  

Maine's Fourth Access to Justice Symposium Focuses on Vets 

The Fourth Biennial Maine Access to Justice Symposium at the Maine State Bar Association's Winter Conference in South Portland focused on access to justice for veterans. Governor Paul LePage, Mrs. LePage and Holly Patreus were among the speakers on Wednesday. The keynote speaker was Maine School of Law Dean Danielle Conway, who has 25 years of active and reserve duty service with the U.S. Army, and currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel. The symposium's emphasis was on helping Maine veterans with legal services, including connecting them to housing opportunities, and assistance with accessing their benefits.