Owners of Singapore granted patents can gain a Cambodian patent though a  re-registration process scheme agreed between the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), and the Cambodian Ministry of Industry & Handicraft (MIH).

We would encourage Singapore patent owners to review their portfolios to assess if they have claimed any commercially important subject matter, which is now also deemed important for their current or future business activities in Cambodia. 

Our Singapore team is able to handle the entire patent extension process for you. 


Cambodia is part of the ever increasingly important ASEAN economic region (the other members being Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, and Brunei). According to statistics recently reported by The Boston Consulting Group, ASEAN's GDP is projected to almost double by 2020 as another 120 million people join the middle class and affluent classes. 

Davies Collison Cave can register patents in Cambodia and facilitate patent filing services in all of the ASEAN countries.


The Applicant needs to submit the following to the MIH:

  • a Cambodian patent application form;
  • a certified copy of the Certificate of Grant for the Singapore patent;
  • a certified copy of the final specification;
  • a certified copy of the Singapore form PF8, when the applicant is not the inventor;
  • power of attorney in Cambodia. 


The fees will include:

  • US$60 application fee;
  • US$150 grant fee; 
  • back renewals calculated from filing date - renewals for Cambodia range from US$20 (first year) to US$890 (20th year); 
  • excess claim fees of US$5 for each claim exceeding 11.