The European Commission has published revised and new standard forms for OJEU notices reflecting the requirements of the 2014 Public Contracts Directive. The new forms cover the new procedures as well as the light touch regime and include a notice for certain contract modifications.

Authorities advertising contracts under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (applying in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) should use the new electronic forms once they are available on the eNotices website. We understand this should be 3 December when the relevant Implementing Regulation comes into force. An option will be given on the user profile page to select, as appropriate, between the relevant forms for the old and the new Directives. Contracting authorities will no longer be required to adapt the old forms to the new Directive (as they have had to do since the UK Government's early implementation in February this year).

The publication also extends to standard forms for the 2014 Utilities and Concessions Directives, to be used when those Directives are implemented into domestic law. For England, Wales and Northern Ireland this is expected in April 2016.

The standard forms for contracts under the Defence and Security Contracts Directive (2009/81) remain unchanged.

The text of the new forms can be seen in the Annexes to the Implementing Regulation - see here: Text of new standard forms

A comparative list of the current and the new/revised forms can be found here: SIMAP - Standard forms for public procurement